Where Can I Get Potty Training Help?

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It would be safe to say that since the dawn of man (and woman), the age old question "How To Potty Train?" has plagued mommas and daddies everywhere. I think everyone could use a little potty training help. Have you had the joy of figuring out what works for your kiddos?

I know I have heard, countless times, the dreaded words - "when he/she is ready, he/she will do it." I just have one question? Why does he/she have to "ready" themselves to stop sitting in their own feces? All joking aside, I feel like the "when they're ready" theory is half correct. Everyone does something when they're "ready". However, from time to time, don't we need help to prepare ourselves for things? Help learning new things? We as parents need to help ready our children to take the ultimate leap from soggy, rashy butt, to wonderful, airy, dry undies!

So, how? Contrary to some articles you may have read about this topic, potty training is not as simple as having your toddler watch the Elmo's Potty Time DVD, repeatedly. I should know, I absolutely have the DVD. I also absolutely have missing hair from the insanity that ensued as a result of watching that fuzzy red monster do his “doo-ties” about a billion times. Believe me, unless you truly think your child will completely learn something as big as training their little bodies to use the toilet, from an Elmo DVD, do NOT go that route. Well, at least don’t make that your Plan A.

What I am trying to say here, is that every child is different. You know your child better than anyone. It can be extremely easy to get frustrated and lose patience, focus and willpower when trying to get your child potty trained. You need to ask yourself a few questions.

     How long did it take my child to learn new things as an infant?

Think for a second. It may have taken your child months to learn how to roll over. How to hold their own bottle. Be patient.

     In what way does my child seem to learn the best?

There is a good chance that previous methods you may have used with or without realizing you were even using them, will work for this same goal. A few tips from me: sticker charts, lollipops, coloring books. Coloring books really did wonders in the bathroom with my daughter. The purpose of them was to keep her on the toilet.

     How can I be encouraging and patient enough for the task at hand?

Potty training your child, successfully, can sometimes take months or years. Focusing on your reactions and actions towards your child during the learning process is crucial. If they see you frustrated they lose the “want” to learn.

Be consistent. Be encouraging. Sympathy for accidents goes a long way. Rewards for positive actions will take your child soaring to new heights on a learning level. Just try not to over-do it.

Good luck on your journey with your child to the land of the free! (From the hell of diapers.)

Hopefully you won't be needing more potty training help anytime soon!

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