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Stocking Grass Head

What could be more fun than creating your own stocking grass head and watching him grow!

Finding great activities for kids can be hard to do. It is the perfect chance for them to use their imagination and it gives them something to focus on. Whether they are painting, drawing, cutting, colouring or glueing, it is great for their fine motor skills and building their confidence in the process. It can be hard to come up with new and different craft activities for your kids, which is why this stocking grass head is such a great option. It is the activity that keeps on giving. Kids not only get to put together their own project, but they can watch it grow over time and enjoy it for weeks to come.

This might be an activity you remember doing as a child. It is so simple and easy to set up and has so much to teach young kids, from practising their fine motor skills with the cutting out of the face, to teaching them about caring for a living object and showing them how to look after it. They might need a gentle reminder each day to remember to care for their project. It’s an experiment the whole family can join in for, creating your very own grass head family to show off to any visitors.


1 x pantyhose


Colouring pens



Potting mixture

Grass seeds

Yoghurt container


Grab your pantyhose and hold them open. Sprinkle in some grass seeds so they sit at the bottom (this will actually will turn into the top of the head). Add about one cup of potting mixture, adjusting the amount depending on how big or small you want the head to be. You can make a few different ones, all different sizes. Tie off the bottom with a knot.

To create a face for your grass head, get creative. You could buy googly eyes that you can stick on with some glue, or get the kids colouring in facial features on cardboard that they can then cut out and stick on. This will give them great drawing and cutting practice in one go – plus it’s great to see where their imaginations take them and what they come up with.

Glue the face onto your grass head. This is the best time to get creative and have some fun.

Grab an old yoghurt container that you have rinsed out for the occasion and fill it with water. Prop up your grass head in the water and place him in the sunlight. Watch him grow hair over the coming days and weeks. As mentioned, kids may need a gentle reminder each day to care for their head.

You can let your child take pictures each day that they can compare at the end to see how much change occurred, and take to them about refilling the water and why this is important. This is a great lesson in responsibility for younger children. Next time you are in need for some great activities for kids, give this a go.

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